About us

We are an engineering company with extensive experience providing a comprehensive range of services. Industrial Engineering focuses on structural designing, preparation of engineering drawings, division and cutting of materials (aluminium, iron), bending, plate rolling, welding, machining of functional surfaces and coating. Moreover, we transport and mount the final product on site.

If you want to avoid worries, unclear responsibility concerning the final product or difficult communication with suppliers, choose our company. We take care of your engineering projects from initial stages to final assembly.


The company Industrial Engineering s.r.o. belongs to the Industrial Engineering Group s.r.o. which is engaged in engineering production and trade.

It was founded with the aim of providing comprehensive services to a wide spectrum of customers, both in terms of support during the initial stages of a project including the manufacture of prototypes and in terms of serial production.

Industrial Engineering Group process

We strife for constant innovation
and excellence in service and quality.

ISO/TS 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001